Buffalo Girl®

Buffalo Girl Leather Cream

$25 AUD

Our very own leather cream to help you preserve and care for all your beautiful leather goods.

Leather is a natural material, and as such it needs to be handled with care to make sure it ages beautifully and lasts a long time.

To help you ensure a good life span for your Buffalo Girl leather pieces, we're offering our own all-natural leather cream. It preserves and helps soften the leather to keep that wonderfully supple feel and prevent cracking. It also waterproofs the leather and protects it from the elements.

All your Buffalo Girl goodies that leave our studio are already treated with the leather cream, but we recommend reapplying it regularly for the best results.

The leather cram comes in a 4oz tin only.

PLEASE, NOTE: The cream is to be applied to the leather parts of your pieces only, it is not suitable for use on suede. Be extra careful when applying it to leather panels on suede bags, as the oils in the cream will stain the suede. We recommend applying the cream to all parts of our wallets regularly.

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