rolls of vegetable tan leatherhand carved leather panels

Leather is the blank canvas from which all Buffalo Girl designs start. We hand pick a variety of natural vegetable tan leathers from various tanneries around the world, mainly Italy and other parts of Europe. Most of the time, we use European Single Bend cowhide for carving. Processed by one of the oldest tanneries in Europe, these Scandinavian cowhides are tanned to meet the specifications of the finest bag manufacturers in Europe. The resulting premium quality leather is extremely pliable, and the pieces made of it have a uniquely soft and natural feel.

We frequently combine that amazing feel of the quality vegetable tan leather with the lush, velvety feel of Imperial Suede, the supple quality of the North American Deerskin, and the varied textures of other premium grade hides. We put a lot of time and effort into sourcing the hides to ensure that the suppliers align with our ethical standards. We do our best to make sure every Buffalo Girl piece is as cruelty free as possible. Much of the leather we use is a by-product of the meat industry, and we choose the highest quality, durable leather. Hand dyed in our studio using layers of colours, the leather is used to create incredibly unique products with a high quality, rustic feel. Our bags, wallets, and other accessories are made to last and be cherished for many years, which is why, with every item we make, we aim for the timeless, enduringly beautiful look that remains striking as trends come and go. 

We treat all our products with leather conditioner before they leave the studio, and we highly recommend oiling your Buffalo Girl treasures frequently, to make sure the leather keeps its supple feel and becomes even more beautiful with age. A great product we can vouch for when it comes to preserving and protecting your leather pieces is our very own Leather Cream.

In our production process, we always aim to minimise any waste, especially when it comes to leather. That's why we make the effort to use up our left overs as much as possible by turning them into some of our smaller accessories, like our signature hand tooled Leather Rings


Royston turquoise cabochons
Quartz crystal points

Alongside the soft textures of leather and the skilful tooling, it is the gemstone inlays that make our designs so amazing.

We use a wide array of semi precious stones, all of which are carefully handpicked. We source them from all over the world, wherever we can find the most beautiful, top quality stones. We select them for their rugged beauty, unusual look and authentic feel, and amazing properties.

Chevron Amethyst is a gorgeous purple stone with protective and calming properties. Quartz Crystal is known as an energy amplifier that is believed to pick up on and boost your own energy. It contributes a dazzling brilliance to our pieces, often reminiscent of a diamond. The earthy emerald green Chrysocolla brings about feelings of calm and inspires level-headedness. It looks stunning with the warm, natural colours of our hides. White Howlite teaches patience and Rose Quartz, aka the Love Stone, adds a soft and subtle look & feel. Both work beautifully paired with our hand painted pieces.  The iridescent Labradorite, known as the stone of transformation, is said to deflect unwanted energies and contributes a unique lustre that looks amazing against the velvet texture of suede. 

But of all the beautiful gemstones in the world, it is Turquoise that is our all time favourite! We love Turquoise! Turquoise inlays are a signature feature of Buffalo Girl accessories. Known as a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures, Turquoise represents strength, protection from harm, and connection to the spirit world. In traditional thought, Turquoise unities the earth and sky, bringing together male and female energies. We source our Turquoise from all over the world and use various grades. We have been lucky to work with some of the most beautiful and highest grade stones in the world, including finely cut cabochons of Royston, Candalaria Blue, and Sierra Nevada Turquoise, all coming from mines tucked away in the hills of Nevada. We simply adore the bold colours and the striking beauty that is Turquoise. It is an amazing, strong feature of our creations. 

To create that truly unique blend that is Buffalo Girl, we carefully pair every individual stone with the perfect hand carved design and the natural shades & textures of the leather hides. 

Feathers and Horns

Feathers and stag hornsFor an extra special touch, we use our beloved collection of feathers & stag horns to adorn our most outstanding pieces. We take great care to make sure that these are sourced ethically and that no harm has been done to wild animals in the process. In a number of cultures, feathers of various birds have assumed strong symbolism, from spiritual meanings, use in rituals and ceremonies, to a token of honour, accomplishment, and bravery. Deer shed their antlers naturally, so at certain times of the year, they can be found around their stomping grounds. Most of the stag horns we use have been collected by Terry in New Zealand. Beautiful feathers and stag horns are striking natural jewellery and help us create that raw look.


brass eagle

In creating our designs, we pay special attention to every little detail. We use solid brass fittings for our wallets, bag straps, belts, and cuffs. Some of our fittings are silver coated. We find that silver colour works especially well with certain stones, like clear quartz crystals, as well as types and colours of leather. Some customers simply prefer it over the more rustic look of brass.

Our unique brass Eagle fittings, including the Phoenix Eagle Buckle that goes on our bag straps and belts, have been custom designed, and hand cast exclusively for Buffalo Girl. They add an extra special touch to our pieces. We also use fittings from our vintage collection, hand picked by Terry over the years for their antique look that works so well with the Buffalo Girl designs.