Buffalo Girl®

Western Priestess Wallet with Smoky Quartz

$450 AUD $520 AUD

This Western Priestess wallet is a uniquely extravagant accessory!

Made of soft leather in warm tan, the wallet is embellished with a stunning clear quartz crystal, carefully laced onto the front panel. Quartz is known as a powerful energy amplifier, believed to aid concentration and unlock memory. 

The crystal is surrounded by intricately hand carved Western swirls. The tooled leather elements are carefully hand dyed to achieve that eye catching two-tone look with a rustic finish. 


  • Hand tooled wallet
  • Quartz crystal embellishment
  • Zip-up pocket inside
  • Plenty of room for cards and cash
  • The wallet fastens magnetically and can also serve as a clutch
  • Wallet dimensions: 21cm (8.3") x 10cm (3.9")

To make sure you have a genuine Buffalo Girl wallet, always look for our logo. Like all our pieces, this wallet will become even more beautiful with age. Please, handle this beautiful piece with care. 

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