Buffalo Girl®

Only The Brave Thunderbird Backpack - Black

$890 AUD

This stunning Thunderbird version of our iconic Only The Brave Backpack is made of thick and durable yet velvet soft suede in deep midnight black. It is truly one of a kind, combining practicality with that unique Buffalo Girl look and feel.

Set against the soft texture of this lightweight backpack are two vegetable tan leather panels featuring a hand carved Thunderbird design on the round front panel and traditional stamping on the lower panel. The Thunderbird is further embellished with a classic Western style buffalo concho. Beautiful leather lace detailing surrounds the hand tooled panels. The zipper tags feature a hand carved leather feather and a beautiful tasseled attachment with smoky quartz crystals. Along the top and bottom of the backpack are suede tassels which fall and sway naturally for that unforgettable Western flair.

The soft feel of the suede, the flowing tassels, the striking Thunderbird carving, the careful detailing and skilful craftsmanship make this backpack an extravagant statement piece ready for all your amazing adventures!


  • Tasseled zip-up suede backpack
  • Hand carved leather embellishments
  • Round zip-up pocket on the front with carved leather feather zipper tag
  • Tasseled decorative main pocket zipper tag with smoky quartz crystals
  • Leather lacing details
  • Solid brass fittings
  • Leather lined adjustable straps
  • Length: 37cm Width: 28cm Depth: 13cm

To make sure you have a genuine Buffalo Girl product, always look for our logo. 

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