Phoenix Bag with Vintage Conchos

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The amazing Phoenix Bag is one of our earliest designs and an absolute Buffalo Girl classic!

The bag is made of velvet soft hide in that delightfully rich chocolate shade, it features hand-tooled leather embellishments, including our signature carefully hand cut and tooled Phoenix on the front with classic Western concho in the centre, surrounded by bright silver studding.

The strap itself is a hand carved feather with two concho embellishments to match. The design is topped off with a classic Western style solid nickel three piece buckle in a stand-out pattern for that special touch. 

This beauty comes complete with a feather attachment to match. The signature Buffalo Girl tasselled feather clip is embellished with Tiger's Eye beads, in addition to the gorgeous handpicked feathers and a carved leather feather.


  • Tasselled hide bag with tooled leather panels 
  • Five Western style conchos. One on the front, two on the sides and two as features of the strap
  • Roomy inside with a handy, easily accessible pocket
  • Bright nickel fittings, including a classic three piece Western buckle
  • The bag comes with a matching tasselled feather clip, complete with Tiger's Eye bead detailing
  • Dimensions: 25cm x 20cm 
  • Strap on shortest setting: 95cm, on longest setting: 110cm

All of the feathers used in Buffalo Girl products are from certified feather dealers or found when out exploring the trail.


The Phoenix

The mythical Phoenix rising from the ashes, reborn through fire, is a powerful symbol of renewal and transformation, strength, resilience, and new beginning. A solar and fire symbol, the Phoenix is the ultimate power totem. Akin to the sun, the source of all our power, which must set each night to rise again each morning, the Phoenix embodies eternity and immortality. This ancient mythical creature resonates deeply with us as a universal symbol that has parallels within many cultures and traditions.

Tiger's Eye

This powerful stone helps to release fear and anxiety, and restore harmony and balance in all aspects of life. It helps to clear the mind and cleanse the aura of negative energy. A wonderful stone for overcoming fears and new beginnings!