Buffalo Girl®

Apache Tasseled Bag with High Grade Turquoise

$2,400 AUD

This luxurious version of our signature Apache Tasseled Bag is made of beautifully textured distressed leather in warm rich tan with long, softly flowing suede tassels. The bag is embellished with our iconic hand carved leather panels with Eagle Feather carving and intricate stamping throughout. The panels have been carefully hand dyed to achieve that delightfully rustic finish. Inlaid into the panels are three beautiful turquoise stones. The large stone on the front displays stunning deep ocean blues and vibrant aquas. 

The organically hand shaped bag strap features two turquoise stone inlays and fastens with an elegant three piece western silver buckle. It is lined with soft leather for durability and comfort of wearing. The soft suede tassels all around the bag flow and sway smoothly as you wear it, along with the tasseled feather attachment with turquoise bead detailing. 

The vibrant greens and aquas of the turquoise stones contrast beautifully with the warm and antique tans of the leather and suede for a superbly vivid composition. 


  • Tasseled leather bag with hand tooled embellishments
  • Three high-grade turquoise stone inlays
  • Roomy inside with a handy, easily accessible pocket
  • Nickel plated fittings
  • Long suede tassels
  • Detachable tasselled feather clip with turquoise beads
  • Length without tassels: 34cm Width: 30cm 
  • Strap on shortest setting: 107cm, on longest setting: 123cm

This piece has been designed and lovingly handcrafted from carefully sourced materials by Terry and her team in our Byron Bay studio to original Buffalo Girl design. 

All of the feathers used in Buffalo Girl products are from certified feather dealers and found when out exploring the trail.

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