Buffalo Girl®

Large Western Floral Zip Wallet with Amethyst

$530 AUD

This stunning leather wallet in beautifully warm shades of tan features skilfully hand carved and hand dyed Western Floral design on the front and back. The hand tooled design on the front surrounds a large Chevron Amethyst stone inlay. This gorgeous centre zip design is then intricately laced with hand cut kangaroo hide to create a cord over laced edge along beveled edges. The eye catching Amethyst alongside our iconic Western Floral design make for a truly striking blend!  


  • Hand carved wallet featuring an Amethyst stone.
  • Zip around closure
  • Zip-up pocket inside
  • Hand laced edges with Kangaroo leather cord
  • Plenty of room for cards and cash
  • Large enough to carry phone inside
  • Wallet dimensions: 23.5cm x 12.5cm

To make sure you have a genuine Buffalo Girl wallet, always look for our logo!

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